GBADs Data Portal Documentation


Welcome to the GBADs Data Portal and API. Through this portal you can retrieve any data contained in the GBADs public databases. This public data portal does not require a login or API tokens. The Portal currently contains data from OIE, FAOSTAT, and the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia. Other data will be added in the future. This introductory page contains information on how to use the Portal and has a Quick API Guide with common API calls that you can use and adapt.

Using the API

You can use the API in three (3) different ways:

  1. As an HTML command where the result will be an html page or a CSV file:
  2. As a cURL command line tool where the result will be text:
  3. In an R or Python program:

Quick API Guide

These commands are designed to make specific population queries of OIE and FAOSTAT population data and return "country, year, species, population"

API Commands Reference   |   text   |   text{faostat   |   oie}{table_name}